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The History of Heritage Lighting Matters


With over 16 years of experience Heritage Lighting Matters delivers expert and affordable lighting solutions to ensure the highest conservational, curatorial and environmental standards are met for our Historic Buildings. Over the years our Managing Director, Iain McIntosh, has been a trusted supplier to many heritage groups supporting them whenever they have asked.

In 2009 he worked with the Historic Houses Association and National Trust to develop a range of conservation standard lamps. These lamps were then rolled out to their member properties and he has been working with both of these groups ever since. We have been building on this reputation and now work with many more heritage groups, independent properties and local authorities throughout the UK.

A few key milestones along the way … Iain’s 1st range of lamps were taken on by many wholesalers, consultants, resellers and retailers around the country. Even becoming a trusted brand for sale in John Lewis stores. Heritage Lighting helped Castle Howard to become the 1st Heritage property to be completely lit by LEDs in the UK. Helping to reduce the energy consumption by an amazing 86%. Working with the National Trust, his range of lamps were featured as one of the key products in helping them to win the prestigious Gold Medal at the Ashden International Environmental Awards in 2012.

Heritage Lighting Matters was formed to focus all of our efforts into making the right lighting available to everyone who wants it. Our light ranges have developed along with our knowledge and reputation in this sector now advising on Picture Lighting, Building Illumination, Decorative LED Wax Candles, Fibre Optic Light Systems and Historic Property Lighting Reviews. We are more than happy to share this knowledge with any groups, forums or individuals that feel they could benefit from it. Correct lighting in a Heritage Environment really does make such a difference.


"It is an absolute honour and a privilege to work with so many properties within the Heritage Sector. If you have a castle, palace, ecclesiastical building, stately home or property of historical or national importance and we can be of help to you ... please do let us know ... it would be a pleasure to visit and help you light your property correctly."
"I love nothing more than to visit a historic property to advise on the best lighting option for that environment. This might be offering warm white lamps and fittings, lighting fine art or illuminating the external & internal facades to bring out the architectural features. By reviewing the current lighting procedures, we can ensure that the conservational, curatorial and environmental requirements are being met.

For example, it isn’t that easy to light a fine painting well. You need to consider how to cover the entire canvas evenly, at the right intensity (not too bright), in the right colour temperature (in most instances 2,700K but not always), with the highest colour rendition (we work with RA 98+). All of these together will bring out the texture and rich colours in the artwork. Only when fine art is lit correctly can you truly fully appreciate it. So many clients have told me that although they had looked at a painting for years, had never noticed a feature in the painting such as an animal, a facial expression, or some other hidden gem, until it was lit well. It happens all the time … and that is why I love my job some much!"

~ Iain McIntosh, Managing Director

Over the years our team have been honoured to support many heritage groups including:


And many Local Authorities, Museums, Galleries, London Halls, Clubs & Independent Properties.

  • “With over 300 candle bulbs required in Castle Howard, we had to be happy with the aesthetics of the bulbs, the colour temperature, the lack of UV, the low running temperatures, and naturally the energy savings which have been immense. Embracing new technology in an 18th century building is always a challenge, and on this occasion the results speak for themselves.”

    ~ The Hon Simon Howard, Castle Howard

  • “We worked with Heritage Lighting to develop this new range of candle bulbs so that we would meet the very high standards that we have for our museum and conservation areas. We are now in the process of rolling them out nationally. We found that they were a very quick & easy way to reduce our energy usage and meet our environmental targets. This range was featured in the Ashden International Environmental Presentations where we won the Gold Medal 2012.”

    ~ Paul Southall - Environmental Advisor, National Trust


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