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New LED Upgrade Kits for your existing halogen Picture Lights
Our client was not happy with the performance of their existing picture lights but didn’t want to throw them away. We offered them an upgrade option to the latest LED technology with our Picture Perfect LED Upgrade Kits allowing them to improve the canvas coverage, reduce your running costs and re...
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Picture Perfect Art Lighting
When lighting artwork there are many factors to consider to gain the perfect viewing experience and light the entire canvas well. There are various light sources available to do this, however using an adaptable and maintainable lensed LED system is by far the best option. Historically, halogen lamps...
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How much does a picture light cost?
When lighting art it is really important to gain a full canvas coverage and to do this you will need to use a combination of lensed LEDs at pre-determined spaces which will be dictated by the canvas size and orientation. It is important to state that LEDs will not produce damaging UV emissions and w...
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Why is the Colour Rendering Index (CRI) so important when lighting art?
Take a look at the black and white painting below with just 1 red tree to illustrate the effect. Each time it is lit with a 2,700K lamp but the colour rendering increases from 80 to 98. The red colour changes dramatically as the CRI increases, but also the texture and definition improves giving a [&...
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What is Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT)?
This is the colour of the light and is measured in degrees Kelvin (K). The lower the number the warmer the colour. As it increases the white light becomes colder. Most paintings benefit from Warm White light, specifically 2,700K, however, this is not always the case. Examples of the ranges are detai...
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What to consider when you want to light your art correctly
* Finish options: PA Polished Aluminium PB Polished Brass SS Satin Brushed Steel SB Satin Brushed Brass CG Classic Old Gold ARB Architectural Bronze ANB Antique Bronze BK Black WH White Other finishes available....
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What to expect from one of our Historic Property Lighting Reviews
The creation of a full asset list detailing all of your lighting applications by type and location. The best option to replace each light will be recommended along with the following key information necessary to review which improvements should be prioritised: Payback period Short-term Mid-term Long...
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