Why is the Colour Rendering Index (CRI) so important when lighting art?


Take a look at the black and white painting below with just 1 red tree to illustrate the effect. Each time it is lit with a 2,700K lamp but the colour rendering increases from 80 to 98. The red colour changes dramatically as the CRI increases, but also the texture and definition improves giving a completely different feeling to the painting. This is the colour rendition and many low quality LEDs have a CRI of only 80. To light your art correctly you should select the highest level CRI possible to bring out the true rich colours, textures and definition of the artwork.

Look how it changes with increasing CRI and the huge difference between the 98 & 80 CRI images.


2,700K CRI 90


2,700K CRI 95


2,700K CRI 98


2,700K CRI 80


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